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Can-Tax 500 gm : BIRD MEDICINES

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Red colourant based on canthaxanthin Oropharma Can-Tax is a red colourant based on canthaxanthin. This dietary supplement colours red canaries, intensifies the red colour in other birds and ensures a beautiful even red colour. When adding Can-Tax to the food canthaxanthin is transported to the place where the feather is growing and it is given the more intense red colour. Beta-apo-8’-carotenal ensures even better absorption of canthaxanthin. The feather formed retains its colour until the formation of a new feather. Ensures a beautiful even red colour in red canaries Can intensify the red colour in other birds In combination with Oropharma Avi-Chol, for an optimal liver function Directions for use Packaging 500 g: 1 even measuring spoon (= 5 g) per 500 g softbill food food or 1000 ml lukewarm drinking water. Packaging 20 g or 150 g: 1 even measuring spoon (= 1 g) per 100 g softbill food food or 200 ml lukewarm drinking water. 1. In the breeding season: two weeks before laying the first egg 2. during the moulting period: daily, the whole exhibition season round 3. exhibition birds: use every day the whole year round Store in a cool dry place.


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